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I have been hearing a lot of people talking about anxiety and feelings of unease this week.

I am not surprised. There is A LOT of astro energy moving around this week.

And BALANCE is the foundation of both energetic events.

The Vernal Equinox occurs on Wednesday March 20, the time when the sun crosses the equator and our light and dark are equal.

BALANCE of our days. The merging of the darkness of winter and the brightness of spring.

And the Full Moon on Wednesday March 20, in Libra.


Both on the same day. First time in almost 2 decades.

NO WONDER there are feelings of anxiety and unease.

There is some wobbling that comes with finding our BALANCE.

The need to recalibrate over and over until we feel stable, until we know where we are.

Until we can calm the anxiety and unease.

The Equinox and the Full Moon are calling us to BALANCE ourselves in terms of our Yin and Yang.

To find the perfect mix of stillness and action.

The space where we feel in control. Peaceful control.

Healthy control that is rooted in our personal power.

Knowing what we have control over and not trying to grasp for power in places we don’t belong.

Hearing the still voice of our Yin, allowing our Yang to show us what actions are in our highest good.

BALANCE that is grounded in our core, in our truth and in what will bring us to JOY.

These 2 energetic events bring us incredible possibilities for manifestation.

To find what is not working and to see what is working. To get clarity of where our JOY is and what to release in order to get there.

A powerful time.

An incredible opportunity to find your BALANCE.

BALANCE is found in the neutrality. In being present.

Not always an easy space to find, especially when we feel overwhelmed by energy.

I happen to have a wonderful tool to help you find neutrality and BALANCE.

It perfectly is called BALANCE and it brings a sense of calm, opening of all your chakras and flow of energy.

BALANCE also works with our thymus to regulate our hormones, the home of our Yin and Yang.

My BALANCE blend has an opening and soothing aroma. The vanilla and ylang ylang in the blend bring warmth, like a hug from the inside.

I use BALANCE when I meditate, do yoga, when I want to work on the energy of 2 or more chakras and often as perfume because it is so pleasant and soothing.

Blessings for a week of BALANCE and neutrality--

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