Our mission

Welcome and allow me to introduce myself—I am Michele Maurine Snelling, and I am many things, human, woman, mom, wife, daughter, sister, teacher, founder and owner of a business, friend, seeker of joy and importantly, intuitive. I truly consider my most impactful role as that of an intuitive.  My intuition guides me to all experiences and opportunities in life that are for my highest good.  My path to intuition has at times been very focused and at others more of a wandering dance, but it has spanned my entire life. Intuition is central in all of my decisions and is the reason I am who I am today.  As an intuitive I was being led to do readings for people, really counseling sessions.  These sessions always focused on issues the client was experiencing and tools for how to overcome the obstacles.  Simultaneously I was introduced to Redmond salt by a friend, and thus began my love affair with salt.  I was so happily surprised to find out that clean, whole, unprocessed salt (Redmond), has the ability to clean and clear energy just like sage.  The huge benefit of salt to me is that it is easy to use and free of the lingering odor of sage. This is important for me if I am working around other people and for clearing myself, clients, and the space of energy in between sessions and clients.  I started to use a salt spray and immediately felt the positive results. Intuitively I was guided to create a blend of essential oils that would clear spaces, and Clear spray was born.  I used it always, and still do, for clearing rooms, spaces, people, myself, anywhere you feel heavy, negative energy.  My company was born from that one spray and I have never looked back!  Michele Snelling LLC has grown to include many products but all of them are for the same purpose: opening us to awareness and to allowing joy into our lives.  Joy resides in the quiet, comforting, gentle home of our soul.

I believe that my purpose here is to be a guide for myself and others to find their way home.  This guidance may take the form of the perfect product or products, a private session, or a group of sessions. What is this home I am referring to?  To me home is the space within each of us where we can be completely ourselves, authentic to the core, and free from fear of judgement, ridicule, comparison or criticism.  This space, home, exists in everyone. We have done a great job through living of covering it up so that it is hidden deep inside.  But the beauty is that this home, a place of refuge, is our birthright and we are meant to not only locate it but live our lives bravely from it. 

Our values

The concept of home is different for each of us and takes awareness and diligence to find.  Once it is located and witnessed, it becomes treasured.  This treasure is then nourished and cultivated and becomes the safe haven from which our deepest hopes, desires and dreams are birthed.  A home is vastly different from a house.  A house is four walls and a roof, a place to provide shelter.  A home is that and much, much more.  A home is comfort and absolute nourishment, nourishment on a soul level.  A home within is the most nurturing mother possible and the best friend, partner and confidant imaginable.  It is the dwelling place of Source, God, the Divine, within all of us. Finding home within us allows us to be the best of friends to ourselves.  We learn to release the old habits of self-criticism and negative self-talk and embrace gentleness and love as our inner dialogue.  We are starved for inner compassion and the nourishment that only we can give ourselves.  I love to bring awareness to people of the kind of friend that dwells within them, because peace can only be found through awareness.  As a guide to finding your way home, I utilize many tools that are in my spiritual tool bag.  During a session I am in constant, complete connection with the Divine and follow what I am lead to do—communication with Guides, mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience,  claircognicense, meditation, journaling, affirmations, products. Always setting the clear intention to communicate whatever is in the client’s highest good, enabling them to become aware of their personal, unique path to their home within.

Take your time browsing the products and services I offer.  Allow your inner guidance to lead you to what will bring you awareness and closer to the path home! 

If you have questions, need help deciding what is perfect for you, or are in need of any other guidance please do not hesitate to contact me. It is my pleasure to be of service to you.