Author, Radio Host Speaker, Intuitive Counselor, Life Strategist

I highly recommend these products. I have personally endorsed them for my workshop, Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much. I use them daily. I love the way they smell and the integrity of the products is in perfect balance. The scrubs are emollient without being greasy—great for my skin and the bath salts are divine!

Psychic / Medium / Spiritual Counselor

As a busy Psychic Medium and mother of two little girls ages 5 and 7, I rely heavily on Michele Snelling products to keep me calm, centered, and balanced. The 'Calm' and 'Clear' sprays are fantastic before and after my readings and they're also great to spritz when my little ones have stressed me out! The 'Flow' salt scrub really helps keep my energy in check and has actually helped my Fibromyalgia. My daughters also benefit from the sprays as well as the Soothe Salt Scrub for alleviating their eczema.

Founder of Intuitive Body

This is a gorgeous line of products. I love them so much and have such respect for Michele who creates them with love and her own healing gifts, that I am buying them for my own clients. So happy to find something both beautiful and powerful.

Thin From Within, LLC

Michele Snelling bath salts and scrubs are amazing! I used the bath scrub for the very first time and that night, without ever telling my husband, my husband said, "your legs are so soft." That's how great these products are! The salts smell incredible and make my time of the day even more relaxing and enjoyable. It feels good knowing I'm doing something great for my body and mind. Thank you Maria Michele for such a fantastic way to end my day.

Hathaway R. - Fort Worth, TX

I absolutely love these bath salts. The scents are fantastic, but the best part is the moisturizing properties. I have always had trouble with dry skin, especially in the winter. With the use of this product my dry, ugly winter skin has disappeared. It is a must have.

Angeline U. - Pocatello, ID

I love Michele's products! I have used a lot of similar products in the past and haven't found anything else that provides more relaxation, calmness and soft skin! My favorite is the Energize salt scrub. It smells heavenly and I love the way it leaves my skin after the bath. It stays so soft and I don't need to use any lotion because it is already so well moisturized. These products are lovely and really work!

Angela L. - Park City, UT

I am extremely happy with the bath salts and scrubs. My skin is softer and the salts help me relax and feel good about myself.

Debbie H. - Pocatello, ID

I have been using the salts/scrub on my hands every morning and I can feel a tremendous difference. First of all the scent of lemon in the scrub is wonderful. Normally during the day at work, each time I wash my hands I have to put lotion on them. The soap in our workplace is harsh. Since I have been using the scrub in the morning, I have noticed that no matter how many times I wash my hands, they are still soft! I don't have to use lotion as often as I used to during the day. I highly recommend these products.

Britany - SLC, UT

I have never used a product that made my skin feel so soft. It’s a gentle exfoliator but also leaves my skin feeling hydrated. The rich scents are fresh and relaxing.

Lori - SLC, UT

It had been a long week and my feet were so tired and sore! Michele offered a footbath using one of her fabulous bath salts. After only 10 minutes all of the pain and heaviness in my feet was completely gone. And that great feeling seemed to radiate through my whole body. What a wonderful experience! Truly amazing.

Andy - SLC, UT

I loved the bath salts! They didn’t lose their scent like many others when I took a long bath. The product is great!

Danielle W. - Madison, WI

In Wisconsin winter is a daily affair of going back and forth from dry, heated air inside and sub-zero temperatures outside. I’ve had limited luck finding products that work to prevent the dryness that this causes. However, the Awake scrub has been great! I use it daily on the spots that normally dry out—elbows, hands, etc. First of all the scrub smells amazing. The best thing, though, is that the scrub makes my skin feel moisturized and protected without feeling greasy. Love it!

Angelina S. - SLC, UT

My legs have always been extremely dry and itchy, and the back of my arms have always had large dry and bumpy spots. Nothing that I had tried helped me, and Michele Snelling salt scrubs took the problems away immediately. In addition to working miracles on my skin, the scrubs make me smell and feel great!

Monique F. - Heber City, UT

What a fantastic product! I ADORE my Invigorate bath salts. I have never used them before and will most definitely be replenishing upon completion! I am using this product as a scrub and the difference on my feet is incredible! Thank you!

Anna Z. - SLC, UT

Your Michele Snelling bath salts turn my end-of-day relax-bath into a very special, totally relaxing, experience. The fragrance and the luxurious feeling of the salts and all their natural ingredients work magic on me every time. Thank you for a great product!