Thank you for choosing Michele Snelling products.  We obtain our product ingredients and packaging from other local businesses whenever possible.  It is important to us to create a high quality product at an affordable price.  We try to use businesses that share our views in being environmentally friendly.  Our glass jars are made from 40% recycled glass and all our plastic containers are PET.   We’re proud to say that our packaging is all 100% recyclable.  We offer many of our products in refill sizes and encourage recycling & reuse.  

Redmond Salt–this sea salt is from a deposit in Central Utah that dates back thousands of years to the Jurassic period.  The salt is in a natural state, free of additives, chemicals or heat processing.  This natural product contains over 60+ trace minerals including magnesium, copper and zinc and iodine.  The mixture also contains naturally occurring clay which has even more trace minerals and serves to moisturize and detoxify the body. 

100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil–this oil is a natural antioxidant that keeps skin more supple, nourished and healthy by conditioning and protecting the skin.  It protects the skin from free radical damage that can age the skin.  It also gets rid of and prevents infections of the skin, both bacterial and fungal.  Studies have shown that coconut oil is the best thing for dry, rough skin and those who suffer from eczema, due to its antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria on the skin.

The oil that Michele Snelling is sourced in the Phillipines.  Our coconut oil is pure, clean and of the highest quality.

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils–oils have been used for centuries as methods of healing, anointing and nourishing.  Their healing properties are unmatched and are vital to balance and health. 

At Michele Snelling, we are committed to providing a product that heals on many different levels.  The greatest amount of healing comes from high quality 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  You will never find fragrance oils, oils that have been diluted or essential oils that have been heated over 150 degrees in any of our products.  We feel that those types of oils have no healing properties and only provide a pleasing fragrance.  We only use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in our entire product line to get the maximum healing benefits.

The amygdala is the gland which is present in the limbic system of the brain.  This gland is directly connected to the olfactory bulb.  Our essential oils stimulate our sense of smell and in turn trigger memories.  Our blends are designed for a specific purpose and healing quality.  The aromatherapy of essential oils delves into the cellular level where old patterns that are not serving us may be released.

Essential oils throughout the ages have been used for many different healing and medicinal purposes.  We feel that adding these oils to our product line incorporates healing on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Please find a detailed description of each oil and their properties under our specific products.


What is Salt Therapy and Why do you need it?

Salt therapy is simply utilizing sea salt either internally or externally.  Sea salt is vital to our health.  When used externally, the benefits of sea salt are immense.  The Michele Snelling line of bath salts and salt scrubs use only Redmond salt, also known as Real Salt.  We have made a conscious choice to use only Redmond as it is a salt bed found in central Utah and the company is very aware and careful of how their salt is mined.  The bed dates back thousands and thousands of years to Lake Sundance during the Jurassic period.  It is contained within a mountain, thus ensuring it hasn’t been exposed to the elements of pollutants and questionable air quality.  Redmond wants to keep their salt in as natural a state as possible; meaning they do not heat process or add chemicals of any kind.  Other sea salt manufacturers do not adhere to such a natural mining processes.  Many companies separate out the 50 trace minerals found in natural salt and sell them off to other companies as supplements.  The resulting salt is very bitter and so chemicals and sugars are added back in to make them palatable.  Because many of the salt companies are not under mining regulations, as consumers we have no idea how they have processed the salt, what they have taken out or added in.  Consumers are unaware of what is actually in the salts they purchase.  With Redmond you know exactly what you are getting–all natural, clean salt.  For more information about Redmond and their process and products, please visit their website at

Redmond salt has a pink/brownish tint that comes from the naturally occurring clay.  The clay is found in all Redmond salt from the bath salt plus to the powder.  The salt has over 50 trace minerals our bodies desperately need and the clay has over 60.  The salt/clay mixture also acts as a detoxifier and moisturizer and is great for the skin.  The list of benefits from sea salt is tremendous.  In “Water and Salt, the Essence of Life”, Dr. Hendel and Peter Ferreira demonstrate the connection between clean, natural sea salt and central nervous system function, brain activity, concentration levels and sleep patterns.  Within that framework sea salt increases metabolism, increases circulation, improves immune response, detoxifies the body, reduces water retention, aids the respiratory system and acts as a pain and stress reliever.  The sea salt is great for muscle and joint pain, thereby aiding arthritis.  It also provides relaxation, helps to relieve depression, cleans your electromagnetic field and promotes sleep.  One very important aspect is that during the use of clean, natural sea salts, toxins are released through osmosis while minerals are absorbed through the skin.  Redmond salt is also a natural antiseptic that helps with psoriasis, eczema and dry, flaky skin.  Studies are showing that osteoporosis is linked to salt deficiency and not calcium deficiency.  Salt therapy through internal or external use restores natural salt levels so that our bodies do not need to leach salt from our bones.  There is an element of time needed for a salt bath that many don’t have.  The same benefits can be found simply by soaking the feet in warm water for 10-20 minutes.

At Michele Snelling we use as few ingredients as possible in our products.  Redmond salt is the main component in both the bath salts and scrubs.  We add epsom,  tapioca starch and 100% pure essential oils.  Epsom is a muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory, raises serotonin levels, lowers blood pressure and draws toxins from the body.  Tapioca starch helps to keep the salt from clumping and also holds the essential oils so that the scent lasts longer.  Michele Maurine only uses 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, never fragrance oils or perfumes.  Each oil that is added is for a specific emotional or physical purpose.  The specialty line of chakra blends are specifically formulated to clean, open and raise the vibrational frequency of each chakra thus allowing energy to flow freely.

Our scrub line is made of Redmond bath salt plus, Basa Body 100% organic coconut oil and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  The scrub salt is a darker color due to the amount of naturally occurring clay.  The scrubs provide all of the same benefits of the bath salts with the added benefit of ease of use.  The Basa Body coconut oil comes from Mombasa, Kenya.  Basa Body has worked closely with the women of Kenya, and Coast Coconut Farms, to help the women provide for their families by creating sustainable economic opportunities that would otherwise not be available.  Basa Body donates 10% of all company profits to humanitarian projects that empower women and lift up children in Africa and the United States.  To learn more about Basa Body and all the benefits of coconut oil, visit their website at   The coconut oil paired with the salt is very exfoliating and moisturizing.  When used regularly, the use of lotion is greatly decreased and sometimes may be eliminated altogether.  We have wonderful results regarding skin rashes, dryness, sores and those nasty splits that come to our fingers during the winter.  Just washing hands with the scrubs a few times a day will alleviate, if not eliminate, the problem.

Clean, natural sea salt like Redmond is also beneficial on an emotional/spiritual level.  Salt is used regularly to clean crystals and stones of absorbed energy, provide protective barriers and clean spaces of unwanted energy.  Salt has the same effect on our human bodies.  Michele Snelling products clean the electromagnetic field, remove stored emotions, provide protection from others’ energy and act as a general overall cleaner of negativity.  The entire Maria Michele line serves as a powerful cleaner of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. 

Michele Snelling’s mission is to provide a luxurious product that not only provides enjoyment but aids in overall health and wellness.  We strive to help each customer attain balance, peace and harmony in their daily life.



All Michele Snelling products are made from the highest quality ingredients and have been tested on willing humans for allergic reactions.  A product ingredients list is available on each product and also on this website.  Please refer to this ingredient list should you have any specific allergy concerns. Our products are intended for external use only.  Please use our products only as intended.  We have created this information to avoid any intended harm or reactions to our clients.  We  recommend testing our product on a small area if there is any question of allergic reaction.  Our products are not intended to be used in place of doctor prescribed medical care.  If you have any questions regarding ingredients or product use please feel free to contact us.