Our bath salts are made exclusively with Redmond sea salt. Epsom salt and tapioca starch are also added to make up the base blend for all our bath salts. This combination serves to replenish, detoxify and heal the body. We use only 100% therapeutic grade pure essential oils to scent our bath salts to make the perfect relaxation combination.

Suggested Uses: Use in a foot soak or a full bath. Fill foot soak or tub with warm water. Add bath salt to water. For a foot soak use 1tsp.-1T. For a full size bath use 1T.-1/4 C. Adjust amount for personal preference as well as tub size.

Disclaimer: Michele Snelling products may enhance healing and they should never be used in place of doctor prescribed medical treatment. If you have any known sensitivities or allergies to specific oils or scents, please use with caution and test on a small area of your body before use.