Most days my head is full of music. Sometimes several songs at once. It can be loud and confusing but one song always ends up in the front, the words becoming crystal clear, the bars of the music perfect. One line that has been present for many days is “To be yourself is all that you can do.” There is so much truth in that one line. Actually, the only truth. Being our self is the only option that works. We try all of the other ways, but only to be disappointed or disillusioned, sad and unhappy. Once we know the truth there is no going back. We can’t un-see or unknow. But being our self isn’t always an easy task. It doesn’t always feel natural. We are masters at wearing other masks, being other ways, people pleasing, playing small. And throw in taking on other’s energy and we really have no idea of where we begin and end.

The lines between our feelings and those we take on from others get blurred and we can be a confused, unclear mess. All of this humanness gets in the way of us being US in a huge way. The constrictions of living a human life, all the heavy, sticky, fear emotions, either ours or others, weigh us down and can cast a shadow on our lights. We forget who we are, who we were born to be, our purpose. Thank God we have many tools to help us remember, to illuminate our true self. Tools that light our path back to being US. My salt sprays are a constant tool in my arsenal of connecting to me, to my light. I make them in 2 oz bottles, with an available refill, purposely.

I, WE, need them portable. To travel with us through life, readily available at any moment to bring us to our light, to our birthright. To press the energetic pause button, allowing us to tap into the peace and still that is always present within but often gets mired down under the emotional clutter of being human. I spray the sprays all around my face and head, being sure to breathe them in deeply. In that moment I find clarity and purpose, a deep knowing of who I am and what I am here for. Peace, the foundation of being US.

Some days I return to the sprays over and over, several times an hour to bring me to those moments of peace that I am unable to access by my mind or breath alone. Powerful, consistent, effective, the highest therapeutic grade salt and essential oil sprays that are bearers of peace, presence and acceptance. Essential for being US, our truest selves. If you are feeling depression and anxiety, I recommend Protect spray, feelings of poverty consciousness, Earth or Wealth spray, difficulty making decisions, Fire spray.

Other issues or not sure which spray is best for where you are right now? Message me and let’s get you the best tool to address your energy now. Being human is not easy and many days feels overwhelming and exhausting. Our job is to be aware of this heaviness and to know that we have tools to add to our spiritual tool bag to help us. Tools to support us on our journey and to increase our light, illuminating our path. My intuitively created, complete salt sprays are a perfect addition to your spiritual tool bag. Message me. Let’s talk about what tool will be most beneficial to you NOW. It may be one you currently have and how you use it needs to be tweaked for maximum benefit. It may be something new. Let’s connect and get clarity about how you can be loved and supported best at this time.

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