One thing I know for sure is that asking the question “why” can often be a black hole.

I found myself there today. Feeling out of sorts, bewildered, scared, confused. And I wanted to know why. I wanted an answer for what was going on, an explanation, some logic to bring some sense. My human needed answers. So I did what I always do when I am faced with something I don’t understand, I prayed. I asked for help, I asked for guidance, I asked for understanding.

My prayer was answered in the form of a beloved friend who guided me out of the darkness into the light. She guided me to do something that my intuition had been speaking about for days. The moment that I began the process I knew that the light was coming. I felt the release almost immediately and a calmness come over my body. I was beginning to feel like myself again. The fear was leaving, the confusion and haze lifting.

The relief came the moment that I surrendered. The moment I let go of the need to know. The incessant need to know why. Why is this happening? What is this all about? Why? Why? Why???

Surrendering included gathering my Naked salt and Release oil blend and adding them to a tub of hot water.  The moment my foot touched the tub I felt the beginning of the process of surrender.  The true release of the need, the almost compulsive need to know why.  These tools are gifts that I use over and over.  and they always show up, just as I know they will.  They show up and help.  They clear the fog, show us the way to the light.

What I have consistently found in my life is that staying in those questions of why often keep us stuck. It keeps us in the confusion and the wondering and the bewilderment. Once we can let go of those questions and just be, be in the stillness, be in the space in between all of the questioning, we can find stillness.

We can find peace. We can find joy. We can find clarity. All of this is found in the being, in the quieting, in the listening for the answers. The other part of prayer, listening for the response.

The response is found in the stillness.

Blessings to you for many responses

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