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I see you....

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I see you.

I really see YOU.

The truth of who you are. The truth of where you are. The truth of what you are going through. 

I see you. All the love. All the potential. All the fear.

And I love when I see a person and they get that I REALLY see them. The whole of them.

There is a sparkle in their eyes followed by a sense of relief and gratitude.

Gratitude that they are seen for who and what they are.

Relief that they are not alone. That they can relax and know that there is help.

That they are loved and supported.

I experience this regularly, because that is what I do, I see people, completely.

The love and the pain. The cracks and dings and dents. The parts that keep us from joy.
I see it all and I also see ways to fill in the cracks, repair the dings and dents.

Not band aids. No time for that. 

True, deep, complete healing of the whole You. Healing on a physical/emotional/spiritual plane.
I was blessed to experience this over the weekend. With clients and with a gathering of beautiful ladies.
My compass was pegged at True North all weekend as I was doing exactly what I know I am here to do. Impact people and help them find the joy in life that they are seeking. This is pure joy for me.

Whether it be through an intuitive session or when I am connecting with an individual and recommending products for specific issues, I see them. And they know it. They feel it and I see the relief and gratitude in their eyes, the sparkle.
Joy is what we all want. What we are all after.

I see you and how much you want to feel joy. I am here to guide you to finding it, cultivating it and making it a part of your every day. Joy rooted so deeply that it is present, always available to be called forth.

If this feels right and you are ready to be seen but not sure what this would look like message me and let’s get clarity.
If you are ready to begin this journey of being seen and healing visit my online scheduler, http://www.michelesnelling.com/schedule/

Blessings for a beautiful day--

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